Hydro Pool

Crystal clear, super filtered and a toasty 33.5°c

The health and well-being of your baby or little one is absolutely the most important consideration when taking your baby swimming. Designed specifically for babies and toddlers, our brand new 8 x 6 metre hydro pool is kept at a cosy 33.5 degrees, with a lovely warm poolside air temperature – perfect for babies and young children but also for those with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Our crystal clear water is super-filtered using the Dryden Aqua DAISY filtration system which minimises the use of chemicals and chlorine by-products in the air and water.

Chlorine plays an essential role in keeping swimming pools safe and clean but the DAISY system ensures that its use is kept to the very minimum.

Lovely warm poolside showers are provided for before and after your class, and our underfloor heating keeps the changing village and disabled/family changing room a constant, snug and warm temperature. Cubicles, all with their own baby changing unit and low benches, are provided for ease of changing your little ones.

DAISY System

Find out more about how we keep our pool super-filtered and crystal clear with the Dryden Aqua Integrated System (DAISY).